Song: 405

Band: Death Cab For Cutie
Composed By: Ben Gibbard

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It's not to hard to tab.. I wonder why the others couldn't tab it.

intro (2x)


e -----10------------10------------7-----------10------------------|
b ------8------8------8------8-----5-----5------8------8-----------|
g -----------------------------------------------------------------|
d -----------------------------------------------------------------|
a -10------10-----10-----10-----7-----7-----10-----10--------------|
e -----------------------------------------------------------------|

e ------3------------3-------------3------------3------------------|
b ------1------1-----1------1------1------1-----1------1-----------|
g -----------------------------------------------------------------|  
d -----------------------------------------------------------------| 
a -3------3-------3------3------3------3-----3------3--------------|
e -----------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse (2x)


e ---0---0---0---0-------------------0---2---3---0---0---0---0---0-|
b -------------------0---0---0---0---------------------------------|
g -----------------------------------------------------------------|
d -----------------------------------------------------------------|
a -3---3---3---3-------------------3---0---0---0---3---3---3---3---|
e -----------------3---3---3---3-----------------------------------|

e -------------------0---0---0---0--------------------------------|
b ---0---2---2---2------------------------------------------------|
g -----------------------------------0---0---0---0----------------|
d ---------------------------------5---4---5---9------------------|
a -0---0---0---0---3---3---3---3----------------------------------|
e ----------------------------------------------------------------|

Chorus (2x)


Intro (2x)

Verse (2x)

Chorus (4x)

Intro (4x)

End on

e -10---------------|
b --8---------------|
g ------------------|
d ------------------|
a -10---------------|
e ------------------|

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I took the 405 and drilled a stake down into your center,
And stated that it's never ever been better than this.
I hung my favorite shirt on the floorboard, wrinkled up from pulling, pushing, and tasting, tasting...

You keep twisting the truth
That keeps me thrown askew.

Misguided by the 405 'cause it lead me to an alcoholic summer.
I missed the exit to you parents' house hours ago.
Red wine and the cigarettes: hide your bad habits underneath the patio, patio.

You keep twisting the truth
That keeps me thrown askew.

You keep twisting the truth
That keeps me thrown askew.

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