Song: Wild Honey Bass

Band: Beach Boys
Composed By: Brian Wilson, Mike Love

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																				Title : Wild Honey
Performed By : Beach Boys(Carl, Al, Mike, Bruce and Denny)
Produced By: Carl Wilson
Written by : Brian Wilson(Music) and Mike Love(Lyrics)
Released : October 23, 1967
Transcribed by: Rick Byrum (
 !This song is all my work!!
This song is easy but so much fun to play.

G -----------------------------------
D -----------------------------------
A -----------------------------------
E ---3--3--3-33----------------------
G -----------------------------------
D -----------------------------0-----
A --------------------------2--------
E ---3--3--3-33----------3-----------         2x
[theremin plays g glisindo, and organ plays G C G C, bass is on G whole time]

verse 1:

G -----------------------------------
D -----------------------------------
A -----------------------------------
E ---3--3--3-33----------------------
G ------------------------------------
D -----------------------------0------
A --------------------------2---------
E ---3--3--3-33----------3------------  2x
        (A)              (C)
G -----------------------------------
D -----------------------------------
A -----------------------------------  2x
E ---5--5--5-55//////8--8--8-88\\\\\\       {/// indicates a up slide whil \\\ is down slide}

        (A)              (D)
G --------------------------------------------
D --------------------------------------------
A --------------------------------------------
E ---5--5--5-55//////10--10--10-1010\\\\\\3       

repeat verse till close... its fun to get into the soul of it... here are the other lyrics so since you have so much free time playing G for like 2 moniutes of the song you can sing too... lol enjoy
Verse 2:
[Organ break] play 
G ----------------------------
D ----------------------------
A ---7------5------3------1---
E ----------------------------
G ---9------7------5------3---
D ----------------------------
A ----------------------------
E ----------------------------


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